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The safety of our customers and colleagues is our number one priority. Not only is it at the top of the agenda in everything we do from working practices to service delivery - it’s a way of life here.

As nothing less than excellence will do, we’re totally dedicated to achieving the highest possible safety standards. Never complacent, we’ve made huge strides to continuously monitor our safety performance and develop industry leading safety practices, procedures and management systems. We’re also constantly innovating and launching new initiatives, such as our Injury Prevention programme. Unprecedented in our industry, this firmly embeds safety into our everyday culture.

From the day you join us, you’ll find out that safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is zero incidents and zero injuries. First to Zero! So, you’ll learn how to assess risks, carry out safety procedures, prevent accidents and look after yourself and others. Most of all, you’ll follow our golden rule – if you cannot do it safely – don’t do it! After all, safety starts with us and we're not satisfied until we're certain it's 100% safe.


We take our carbon footprint very seriously. Our services keep thousands of cars off the road every day. But any business, particularly in transport is going to use fuel and energy. Which is why we’re investing in electric trains and hybrid buses. And why we’ve put an environmental management programme in place across our depots and offices. This has introduced recycling programmes, energy management initiatives, pollution controls and improved environmental awareness across our family of businesses. You’ll be expected to play your part too and help us make a difference.